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An omnichannel Retail Management Information System 

WEB-RMIS provides efficient and precise data flow for complete store management.

Key Features

Item Master and colour options

Products can be managed with detailed parameters. Colour and size options are available for separate inventory management.

International trading

Support taxes, multi-language, multi-currencies setup for international business.

Supply Chain & Inventory Management

Provide a complete management process of the purchase, goods receive, cost, stock transfer and stock take.

Discount and promotion-02.png

Price and Promotion

Multiple promotion settings are supported, namely promotion calculation, gift certificate, discount coupon and item discount, etc.

Stock Take Maintenance

Generate stock-take lists and requests for front-end stores proceed inventory counting action.

Reports and Analysis

Training your new staff to master the payment process without any real transaction.


Developed with the latest technology with long history

WEB-RMIS have been evolving through uncountable versions with a long history and feedbacks of our clients. It is stable, durable, and developed with cloud-native technology and DevOps practices.

Multi-tier data transmission system and data transmission method

Front-end actions will be collected and simultaneously updated in WEB-RMIS. A confirmation of data receiving will be generated and send to the front-end device to avoid error and time delay in synchronising data.

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