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Portable POS in handheld devices

A cloud native POS solution and omnichannel commerce platform helping your business to grow with ease.

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Handheld & Mobile POS

Key Features



You can process payment in front of your customers without the central desktop POS.

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Cashless and mobile payment

Our handheld POS can receive any payments as our desktop POS does. Process payment with cash, credit cards, mobile payment and octopus in one device.

 Long battery life-02.png

Long battery life

Our provided hardware comes with a charging station for convenience and a long battery life to ensure it is durable and always standby.

Staff Login-02.png

Staff login and reports

We provide staff login and records for tracing the sales order. The end of day reports is separated for devices and staffs.

Seamless backend-02.png

Seamless back-end connection

It connects to our back-end system with plentiful of functions integrated for back-office usages and we have a variety option of back-end systems for different scale of businesses.

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Add-on modules

We provide add-on modules that can be purchased separately to strengthen your business with online solutions and inventory management.

A portable device for your digitised business

Our handheld POS is the best option for small businesses and meanwhile an advanced tool for large-scale chain stores. Stop using paper-based records and digitise your business with us today.

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