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Integrate your eCommerce business with an OMS

Our Order Management System is designed to connect with your online business to unify your workflow from ERP, eCommerce website, and marketplace to WMS.


Key Features

Export sales order to WMS

Sales orders created in your ecommerce platforms can be export to the WMS (Warehouse Management System) automatically.

SAP Stock Transfer records

Transfer in and out records can be automated to retrieve from and update to your SAP.

Inventory Management-02.png

Delivery Status Tracking

The tracking number as well as the status can be managed and viewed in our OMS.

Email notification to customers

Tracking number will be updated to our OMS and update to your ecommerce platform through API, which helps to update your customers with the order status and tracking number.

Update information in real time-02.png

Real-time item stock display

Product inventory can be displayed accurately in real-time on your ecommerce website even under multiple inventory locations.

Courier Information display

On screen display of the available couriers on the ecommerce website is possible.

Automate complex data management processes and centre your resources on something technology cannot replace.

Customised integration for your membership management

Membership is a significant part of online to offline business, we are pleased to build integration for your custom need, such as bonus point/reward point inquiry, VIP account creation and purchase history, etc.

Contact us for further information or consultancy.

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