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Our Technology

Find out the technology behind our flexible and fully cloud-enabled retail solutions.

Cloud Deployment

TT Retail provides complete Cloud solutions for enterprise retail and eCommerce business. We deploy natively in AWS, Microsoft Azure, Aliyun and IBM Cloud with Docker container using Kubernetes, which streamlines the development lifecycle and Dev-ops process. By allowing our developers to test and develop in standardized environments, it empowers us to maintain our platforms and services efficiently.


Our services including POS, OMS, CRM and more software modules are designed with the microservice architecture. It allows us to break the software functionalities into modular components and utilise API for the communication between applications. By networking our applications through microservices, it significantly increases the flexibility and scalability. Our client retailers are able to scale their software along with their increasing business demands.

JavaScript: Angular / Vue

TT Retail utilises multiple JavaScript frameworks to create applications for various purposes. All of our applications have either Angular or Vue user interface technologies.

Angular is a component-based framework designed for building scalable and progressive web applications. It was released by Google as a web application framework led by the Google’s Angular Team and a community of individuals developers and corporations.

Vue is a lightweight and flexible framework for developing modernistic front-end web pages. It was released by Evan You and maintained by him and his active core team members.

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