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TTwallet is the best way to give a customized gift because your loved ones can choose what they want, making it an ideal present. It is a stored value card that can store cash, points, bonus, rewards and entitlements whereby you can define the reward value you wish to give to your customers.

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Running a Gift Voucher campaign is a great way to boost sales during the holiday season. TTwallet helps you build a powerful gift certificate system for your store. Your customers can send gift certificates to their friends via all means to redeem the gift cards whenever they want them, on the website, or at physical stores.

Increase Sales

80% of consumers have either given or received a gift card. In addition, 72% of gift card recipients spend more than the value of their card

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Acquire New Customers

Gift cards allow your existing customers to refer their friends and families which is the most effective way to, grow your customer base. Most new consumers try your business for the first time after receiving their gift card.

Go Mobile

Allow customers to pay in-store or online by scanning their digital loyalty card directly on their mobile devices.


Add/Top-up value on their card for more convenient and faster payments in-store. Enrich the shopping experience with timely payments.

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