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Self-checkout solution for enterprise business

An interactive touch-screen interface integrated with a kiosk for customer self-service.

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Key Features

Customer self service-02.png

Customer self-service

It provides an intuitive touch-screen sales interface for customer’s self-checkout.

Status indicator-02.png

Status Indicator

LED Indicator will be turned on with colour when the kiosk special status occurred or customer calling staffs.

Support multiple payment method-02.png

Support multiple payment methods

Along with external payment processing hardware, our kiosk can receive credit cards and mobile payments in any stores.

Staff function-02.png

Staff functions

Store staffs can login to the kiosk POS system and access to staff functions for special operation, such as price override and void transaction.

Staff calling function-02.png

Staff calling function

We have built in staff calling buttons for customers when they have troubles with their checkout.

Adaptive design-02.png

Adaptive design

We are able to change our front-end Kiosk design for your brand image with request.

Kiosk Self-Checkout

Better efficiency for transaction

From most of the stores with self-checkout services, customers do not have to wait as long as the usual cashier queue. They can perform the payment processes by themselves and more transactions can be processed at once for the number of kiosks.

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