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SaaS-based Online-to-Offline (O2O) business platform

TTeamStore is our SaaS model platform made for start-ups and small business. It provides basic functions for O2O products and transactions management.

Key Features

SaaS-based platform

Our TTeamStore is a cloud-based platform hosted by TT Retail and can be accessed by any user through Internet without having to install and maintain the software.

Transaction Report

Daily transaction report, item sales report, VIP purchase history and more reports are listed in our TTeamStore platform.

Item Management

Products can be managed with categories, prices and inventory levels. Prices are separated into cost, current price, selling price and discounted price.

In-depth reports

Built in reports in the POS including best and worst selling items and hourly transaction could help shopkeepers to make decision on replenishment and keep item always in stock.

SKU and barcodes

Item SKU and barcodes are both available to link with products for scanning product in stores.

Ecommerce platform integration

Training your new staff to master the payment process without any real transaction.


Flexible and subscription-based purchase

Our TTeamStore can be accessed through web browser and saved money for your software maintenance. It is purchased with subscription and you can use it anytime until you want to pause the service.

Omnichannel commerce platform for start-ups and small business

Many additional modules are developed for the extension of using our TTeamStore services. Including ecommerce website, WooCommerce payment plugin, mobile applications and more.

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