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Taiwan GUI

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When you make a sale in a store or eshop, it is required by law to issue a Value Added Tax (VAT) and send customer a standardized electronic invoice document called a Government Uniform Invoice (GUI or eGUI).

This requirement is specified in the “Time Limit for Issuing Sales Documentary Evidence” section of Taiwan’s “Value-added and Non-value-added Business Tax Act.” The content of the invoice is regulated and standardized for all businesses.

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In-store Sales

After you make a sales in store, QR code for GUI will be printed in sales invoice printing.

eCommerce Sales

After customers make an online purchase, we shall email GUI to their email address.  Customer can easily access their invoice number at any time.

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Taiwan GUI_03.png

GUI lottery

Customer can use GUI number to participate in the GUI lottery. They can use “Claiming Reward App” and the “E-invoice platform” from the Taiwan Ministry of Finance to register customer’s email address and sign up for lottery result notification.

Love Code

Customer can donate GUI to identified charity organization.

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Taiwan GUI_05.png

Exclusive for diplomatic

Another tax handling method for ambassador in-store sales.

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