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Promotion Engine

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ALL-IN-ONE PROMOTION ENGINE: API-first, microservices-based, flexible and scalable.

Any touchpoint can be hooked with flexible pricing and promotion with one integration.

If you are still manually setting the price of a product with spreadsheets and struggling to give customers attractive coupons and promotions, TT promotion Engine is your choice.

Create rules by templates


We have picked rules widely used in retail and created templates more than most businesses need.

Start building your own coupons, discount, promotion campaign, and events with our modern design promotion software.

Promotion validation

Data of the sales interaction is collected by our Rule Engine.  The right promotions and calculations will be updated to the integrated system in real time.

Cart level discounts

Applying discount to a cart at the end of a sale can reduces the complexity of your discount program.

Per item discount

Apply discounts to single item or even a variety of items inside the basket with completely different discount values.

Item for free or discounted

Offer an item as a discount or free to reduce excess stock for yourself or your partners.

Selective discounts

Use different attributes to apply discounts to certain items.  Create discounts that are completely unique to a user or target group.

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