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Our Solutions for Start-up Business


A well digitised sales and product management could vastly enhance the efficiency and lower the cost of a business. Unfortunately, traditional Point of Sales solutions could be expansive to most start-up companies. Instead of purchasing all the unnecessary functions, an inexpensive and well-functioning solution would be a better option for most small businesses.

TT Retail has designed a solution exactly for this scenario. Utilising our mobile POS device TTeamPOS along with the SaaS-based TTeamStore management platform, any business can be handled easily without a long software learning path. The sales interface includes all the functions you need in an offline store at the lowest price, meanwhile, additional add-on options could be purchased separately to assist your online business or inventory management to deal with the new era of e-commerce.

Challenges of Start-up Business

Time consuming-02.png

Time-consuming paper-based records

Expensive system-02.png

Expensive POS system

Lack of marketing channel-02.png

Lacks marketing channels

Lack of payment options-02.png

Limited payment options

What can TT Retail provide?

Future-proofed digital management platform

TT Retail provides cloud native solutions to future proof your business. Physical records will be migrated to the data platform and managed digitally. Data is synchronised between the POS device and the web-based management platform.

The O2O revolution to your business

We provide O2O (online to offline) services from e-commerce to shopping application, as well as omnichannel marketing tools to extend your business with our unified management platform.

Affordable price even for small business

We design solutions based on different scales and types of business, hence the price difference. Our start-up solution comprises all functions a small business would need while keeping the price affordable and reasonable. Yet, advanced modules can be purchased separately.

Flexible payment channels with the latest technologies

Latest QR code scanning technologies are applied to our mobile payment services to maximise our clients’ payment channels, ranging from WeChat Pay, Alipay and FPS payment, to traditional online payments, such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Octopus.

Front-end Device TTeamPOS

front eng 01.png

TTeamPOS is a handheld POS application helping retailers to handle daily store operations. It provides complete payment options with our TT-Pay services, which ranges from Visa/Mastercard to popular mobile payment like Alipay and WeChat Pay. It is a handheld POS application operating on android system, which means it can be installed in not only our provided hardware device, but also your own android tablet or smartphone.

Back-end Platform TTeamStore

TTeamStore is our SaaS model tailored for start-ups and small business, which means it can be accessed through any browser with your computer or tablet without installing a software. It is a readily made e-commerce platform for new start-ups or small businesses and provides simple functions such as sales processing and inventory organisation as compared to our WEB-RMIS solution.

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