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Turn your iPad into a modernised POS system
Provide quick service for your customers

Store Helper

In retail store environment, it is common that customers frequently come to ask for the information of a product or inventory of a specific size or colour of the item. A traditional workflow to check the inventory level is going to the storage directly or search on the central desktop POS system. Store Helper is a mobile application developed by TT Retail to handle with the intense customer enquiries. Staffs can check every product’s information on the app and proceed checkout for customers.

Turn your iPad into a modernised POS system for better in-store experience

Mobile report and inventory checking

Quick and intuitive product searching

Promotions and coupons system

Checkouts on iPad

Less time for training your employees

Made for iPad

Store Helper is a modernised POS tool designed and built for iPad. Most users are already familiar with the device interface and operation, which makes the learning process smoother and gentler.

Bring the payment to the sales floor

Our modern POS application is optimised for the usage of mobile devices, enabling your employee to bring the device to every corner of the store and utilize it to provide quick services for customers.

Just like any other legacy POS system, with a modernised and intuitive interface

Checkouts can be processed with multiple modern payment methods, such as Visa/Mastercard and mobile payments. Coupons can be applied to the checkout by code and promotion discounts will be calculated automatically.

Instant VIP creation at your fingertip

Membership account can be created for new customers instantly by our Store Helper. Information personalised for customers like address and birthday can be added to the member information.

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