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Our Solutions for Department Stores


As a department store chain operating large-scale businesses over cities and selling uncountable products, finding the best technology solutions for your department stores is inevitably important. It should help your stores to maintain effective cash flow, financial and stock management in multiple stores, and have a robust billing system to ensure the checkout is fast and smooth. Returning customers across several store locations could also make business management difficult.

TT Retail is an experienced expert to provide solutions for departments and has tailored WEB-RMIS and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system modules to handle with these particular difficulties.

Challenges of Department Stores

Multi Store management-02.png

Multi-store management across cities

Customer retention-02.png

Customer retention

Complex promotion-02.png

Complex promotional events

Explosive membership growth-02.png

Explosive membership growth

What can TT Retail provide

An all-in-one centralised management system

Manage and maintain your stores in multiple locations with our centralised server and systems. Inventories, customer relationships, and transaction records can be accessed and controlled in a single office.

Robust CRM system for managing memberships

Our CRM software module can be installed in your front-end POS system, which enables direct access from front-end POS stations at each retail outlet. Our CRM is built to be stable and scalable for your business growth in the future.

Strong customer relationship built with a customer loyalty program

Our point award system is designed to encourage customers to return purchasing. All points awarded to the end customers during their purchases or deducted upon redemption at different outlets will be updated and synchronised instantly.

Flexible discount and promotion calculations

Gift certificate, coupons, discount and custom calculations are available in our front-end and back-end POS system. It allows flexible calculations and algorithms to choose the best promotional discounts for customers.

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