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TT Connect

TT Connect is an integration platform allows you to connect TT services or your own systems to third-party tools.

Create a unique workflow with over 200 applications and database for your own business.

Available Services

Desktop POS


Handheld POS





Stock Keeper

Store Helper

Retail Exchange

Low code platform for your business

Integrate your retail system with third-party services or in-house tools by using our low code platform. TT DataHub empowers you to customise your business workflow without significant investment on every integration.

Simple and easy to use

TT Connect is an easy-to-use low code platform for your business workflow orchestration. You can set up integrations by a minimum requirement of coding knowledges. We also provide services for the installation and maintenance support.

Automated workflow orchestration

You can create any workflow that suits your business model by TT Connect. From eCommerce order, CRM system, logistics service, to email notification. Any complex business workflow can be orchestrated automatically.

Less cost and IT resources

In the past, integrations with third-party tools requires massive IT resources and technicians. Each integration requires a great amount of investment and a long period of time. Now TT Connect enables you to build the workflow in a low code platform with simple clicks and significantly reduces the cost and IT resources.

Highly flexible workflow builder

You can send notifications to your customers by email, Telegram, Line, or many other tools according to your target customers and market trends. TT Connect is a highly adaptive platform that allows you to change the workflow and third-party application at any time.

Go beyond ETL

TT Connect is not an ETL tool while it is capable of database transfer automation. MySQL and many other databases are already supported. It does not end with simple no-code flows, any JavaScript functions, conditional logic, or custom http requests can be performed in a snap.

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