Our Solutions for Supermarkets

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Modern supermarkets comprise several food departments and food court. Transactions from different sections of the supermarket would be difficult to manage if it is not optimised. In some areas, namely the food court and seafood department, front-end POS system is desired to receive both cash and cashless payment directly without having to pay at the cashier area.

TT Retail has designed several solutions specific for supermarkets and to support the operation of a modernised market.

Challenges of Supermarkets

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Slow checkout process

Multiple department(Market)-02.png

Sales management of multiple food departments

Payment (Super Market)-02.png

Payment system for food court

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Complex promotional events

What can TT Retail provide

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Portable POS for solving long queues

A mobile POS solution is designed for portable usage and it supports multiple devices to run at the same time. Customers are not limited to pay at the cashier area but directly pay at the food departments, which could boost the queue time and checkout process.

Fast checkout with food court POS system

We can provide a handheld POS solution to each store in the food court and connect them to the central POS system, enabling supermarkets to monitor the sales performance of food court stores and manage the transaction altogether.

Optimised transaction reports for supermarkets

Our transaction reports are centralised in a back-end system and it is optimised for management. It could be viewed and filtered by different food departments or other options.

Flexible discount and promotion calculations

Gift certificates, coupons, discounts, and custom calculations are available in our front-end and back-end POS systems. It allows flexible calculations and algorithms to choose the best promotional discounts for customers.

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