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TT Instore POS is OS agnostic,running

on Windows, Android, IOS and Linux

Key Features

Discount and promotion-02.png

Discounts and promotions

Coupons and gift certificates, as well as item and order discount calculation by percentage or amount are supported by our sales interface.

Loyalty program-02.png

Loyalty program

Offer a loyalty program with membership level and reward point system.

Inventory Management-02.png

Inventory Management

Enhance store to store communication and transfer item stocks with a managed system.

In-depth report-02.png

In-depth reports

Built in reports in the POS including best and worst selling items and hourly transaction could help shopkeepers to make decision on replenishment and keep item always in stock.

Update information in real time-02.png

Updated information in real-time

Stock-take and stock level information, including price and any other adjustment are updated across all stores and back-end office.

training mode-02.png

Training mode

Training your new staff to master the payment process without any real transaction.

In Store POS

TT Retail aims to provide the best retail solution that is easy to use and applicable to any industry and situation.

Unified desktop checkout system

TT Retail omnichannel POS application allows you to receive any payment from cash and credit card to the latest mobile payments. We provide payment methods including Visa and Mastercard, American Express, FPS, Alipay, WeChat Pay, Octopus and more. Our checkout system could help you to quickly process transactions and increase customer satisfaction.

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