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Our Solutions for Shopping Malls

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TT Retail’s solutions for shopping malls are specified for providing an omnichannel information management system. We support businesses to build a smart and digitised management platform through customer interactions from mobile applications, solving typical difficulties of restaurant queuing time, car parking, malls reward point system, et cetera.

Challenges of Shopping Malls

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Slow checkout process

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Sales management of multiple food departments

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Payment system for food court

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Complex promotional events

What can TT Retail provide

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Comprehensive digital coupon system

Digital coupons will be generated instead of traditional paper-based coupons. End customers can get the latest promotion information by push notifications from the mobile applications.

Precise analysis with our omnichannel marketing tools

We can provide a handheld POS solution to each store in the food court and connect them to the central POS system, enabling supermarkets to monitor the sales performance of food court stores and manage the transaction altogether.

Unified VIP management across shop tenants

We assist malls and shopping centres to unify shop tenants’ sales information by providing or integrating our POS system with tenants’ current systems. As a result, membership can be shared between shop tenants and the shopping mall.

Easy access to your tenant’s sales performance

Monitor the sales performance of your shop tenants through IT standardisation. By the network built for shop tenants and the shopping mall, information can be accessed by the headquarter for effective strategy decisions.

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