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Our Solutions for Chain Stores

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As the explosive growth of developments on online payments and eCommerce platforms over the past few years, online shopping has become a crucial part of the retail industry. Most businesses have been performing digital transformation to handle the large number of online transactions. Our solutions for chain stores are customised for their particular demands and achieving automation in the supply chain to effectively minimize the efforts and human resources.

TT Retail is experienced in integration between brand’s e-commerce inventory system with our products and achieving real-time and accurate inventory display. With the combination of our TT-POS front-end and WEB-RMIS back-end software, retailers are allowed to manage their whole business in a unified platform, from maintaining the store transactions to warehouse inventory management. Most functions are included in the standard version to enhance customers’ shopping experience and shop operations. Meanwhile, any third-party software integration and tailormade software are welcome for inquiry.

Challenges of Chain Stores

High operating expenditure-02.png

High operating expenditures

Multi platform management-02.png

Multi-platform management

Lacks real-time inventory information-02.png

Lacks real-time inventory information

Inefficient communication-02.png

Inefficient communication between stores

What can TT Retail provide

Data platform for your digital transformation

Manage your business with our data platform and digitise the retail chain operation to achieve supply chain automation and reduce unnecessary costs and resources.

Unified business management platform

TT Retail provides a powerful back-end system along with our POS device. The unified platform empowering back officers a complete control over the whole supply chain from purchasing to end-customer delivery.

Real-time data synchronisation

Stock-take action can be requested from the headquarter and stores can upload the data at any time without delay. Inventory of all stores will be synchronised to the backend system for real-time management.

Easy stock transfer between stores

Our front-end POS features real-time stock transfer and replenishment functions, allowing any of your stores communicate with another store or back office through the POS system.

Learn more from our chain store clients

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