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Easy and Precise Stock-take Experience
Stock Keeper Mobile Inventory Management

Stock Keeper

A traditional stock-take process could be slow and inefficient. Counting inventory data on papers limits information sharing across stores and back offices. Stock Keeper is a mobile solution designed for advanced inventory management and unlock your limited stock-take location by wireless connection and barcode recognition. It simplifies the complex and unnecessary manual process and increase the efficiency of the stock movement and customer satisfaction.

Stock Keeper seamlessly integrates with TT Retail systems

Quicker stock-take action

The portable devices allow stock-takes processed in any location and reduce moving back and forward from the inventory location and the central PC terminal.

Durable Hardware Devices

We provide strong and durable devices with our Stock Keeper application. It has a robust wireless connection and precise a barcode recognition camera to increase your stock-take efficiency.

Real-time Sharing

All actions and recorded data are shared across multiple stores and the back office in real-time for any inventory adjustment action. Real-time data sharing also prevent inaccurate decision due to the delayed information exchange.

Simplified Process

Instead of using PC terminals or phone calls for stock transfer, request and replenishment, decisions made by stores are simplified as a click on the mobile application. The requests and adjustment will be updated to back-end systems immediately.

Transparent stock movement

Stock Keeper allows stores to make action and communicate with other stores, including the headquarter office. It records every stock movement for easy tracking and better multi-store management.

Seamless integration with our software

Stock Keeper can be integrated with our WEB-RMIS (Retail Management Information System) seamlessly. It completes the retail cycle by providing complete item purchase, receive, transfer, stock-take and cost management to the retail chain.

Minimize Shortages and Excess Stocks

It helps the business to handle stockouts and excess inventories by executing plans and allocations from stores to the supply chain.

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