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Pan Pacific Development Limited (PPD) is a global distributor of branded Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG). They specialize in selling, distributing, branding, and marketing products in developing markets, with a particular focus on Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Pan Pacific Development’s product range encompasses a wide variety of items, including food products, such as Shapetime, Just Pure, Premia, POLS, EKSELENCE. 

Pain Point of Pan Pacific Development Limited

Before, Pan Pacific is replying to manual paperwork for every delivery. It is hard for the back office to handle the real-time van sales situation or information. For example, delivery time, sales transactions, managing inventory, and performing customer interactions while on the go.

Van Sales handheld solution

TT Retail helps with a van sales management system with 6 handheld terminals for Pan Pacific Development Limited.

Pan Pacific.png


TT Retail’s van sales management solution helps the client recognize the van sales' real-time status and enhance the efficiency of business operation

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