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Francfranc is a Japanese furniture and home décor company which originated in Tokyo in 1990.


Francfranc has been using our solutions to handle different retail scenarios. TT Retail provided the Power POS desktop system to overcome the daily retail operation of Francfranc’s stores across Hong Kong. It is supported by our WEB-RMIS 6.5 backend system, along with order management, stock movement, replenishment, and other functions. 


TT Retail has integrated our Headless Marketplace with Shopify via API as a middle platform, to provide a unified product information management solution to Francfranc. It enables our client to control both online and offline products in one backend and synchronises product information to all physical stores and eCommerce websites in real-time. 

We are honoured to provide complete services and support to Francfranc, including our mobile payment gateway, which enables the QR code payment receival of Alipay and WeChat Pay to improve the customers’ shopping experience.

Occasionally, our clients might have pop-up stores or participation in special events. For instance, Francfranc has been utilising our handheld POS solution TTeamPOS for their pop-up stores. We have also planned to implement our Kiosk Self-Service System with hardware provided by Lenovo in Francfranc’s stores, to provide an even better shopping and queuing experience to their customers.


Our Service:

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