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Citistore, a retail chain company in Hong Kong, partnered with TT Retail and implemented Stock Keeper for SAP to improve its inventory management. The solution digitized paper-based processes, reduced manual errors, and improved accuracy and efficiency. Stock Keeper's configurability optimized inventory management processes to align with business goals. With a rapid but smooth implementation, Citistore had full control over the system's functionality and data, enabling them to develop and manage the solution internally, ensuring data security and privacy. Overall, Stock Keeper for SAP provided a powerful and flexible solution that digitized processes, optimized inventory management, and enhanced the customer experience, driving business growth.

Digitizing its inventory handling processes would allow Citistore to achieve 100% paperless processes, eliminating the need for paper-based records and reducing the risk of manual errors. This would also lead to up-to-date real-time data, providing the team with accurate and timely information on inventory levels and stock movements. The solution could also be designed to be easy to use for frontline staff, improving adoption and reducing the need for extensive training.


Overall, digitizing its inventory handling processes would offer numerous benefits to Citistore, including improved accuracy, efficiency, and profitability, with the added advantages of 100% paperless processes, up-to-date real-time data, ease of use for frontline staff, solution transparency and configurability, and complete in-house ownership.

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