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Bossini International Holdings Limited is a Hong Kong-based apparel brand owner, retailer, and franchiser established in 1987. The company operates in several markets, including Hong Kong, mainland China, Taiwan, Thailand, and Singapore. Bossini targets the youth market and has recently used an "omni-channel" marketing strategy to replace traditional marketing methods.


TT Retail provides a CRM solution to assist Bossini's marketing strategy. The CRM system is integrated with Bossini's point-of-sale (POS) system and mobile app, allowing customers to review their VIP information and enjoy VIP discounts and coupons. Additionally, the CRM system is integrated with an electronic direct mail (EDM) and notification system, which can help increase customer retention. This data provides valuable insights into customer behaviour and preferences, allowing Bossini to better understand their customers and personalize their communications. By leveraging these features, Bossini can better manage its customer data, personalize its communications, and improve overall customer satisfaction.

The CRM system provided by TT Retail helps Bossini manage customer data in several ways that can enhance brand loyalty, drive retention and revenue, gain higher sales conversion, enhance customer experience, and find effective ways to retain customers. The CRM system can help Bossini find effective ways to retain customers by identifying and addressing customer concerns and needs, providing exceptional customer service, and offering personalized incentives and promotions.

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