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Agnès b. is a fashion brand originated in France with a long history. It is well-known for the comfort, quality and craftsmanship of its products. In 1995, Agnès b. arrived in Hong Kong and soon expanded its business to Taiwan, Japan and other regions.

TT Retail is delighted to provide our solutions to Agnès b. as its major retail system in both Hong Kong and Taiwan. Our WEB-RMIS has complete and refined features to suit enterprise business’s needs, including the front-end cashier system, inventory management, reports, custom integrations and other functions.

Over 60 stores in Hong Kong and Taiwan from Agnès b. are currently using our POS solutions. With our Windows-based POS system, our clients are enabled to process daily business operations and complicated tasks, such as stock movements, and update the information to all stores in real time.

Our solution also included TinyPOS designed for iPad, which is capable of sharing item master and VIP information across Countries, divisions and brands. It allows our clients to create and update sales, items and VIP information in real-time with an iPad and bring the sales to the sales floor. For Stocktaking and dedicated stock movements, we provided Stock Keeper to Agnès b. as a portable handheld inventory management device while providing advanced functions.


Our Service:

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