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Hong Kong Flavour(本灣水產) is located in Kai Tak, Tsuen Wan and Tsz Wan Shan. This market focus on providing fresh ingredients from around the globe and offering a variety of food stalls and central food court services is a unique and attractive concept for customers who are looking for a one-stop-shop for their groceries and meals. The elimination of cashiers and checkout lines is also a forward-thinking move that aligns with the increasing trend towards a cashless society.


TT Retail is offering F&B POS system, self-checkout, and self-ordering system which can enhance Hong Kong Flavour's customer experience by providing a seamless and convenient shopping experience. The F&B POS system can help manage orders, inventory, and customer data, allowing Hong Kong Flavour to streamline its operations and make data-driven decisions. The self-checkout and self-ordering systems allow customers to place their orders and pay for their purchases quickly and easily, reducing wait times and improving the overall shopping experience.  


TT Retail's F&B POS system, self-checkout, self-ordering system, and delivery services can help Hong Kong Flavour to improve its overall customer experience and streamline its operations, ultimately leading to increased customer satisfaction and sales.

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