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About TT Retail

TT Retail is a market-leading O2O service provider and expert in customizing retail solutions. We design industry-specific solutions to support your business from Point of Sales System to an eCommerce website and mobil... 

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Our Experience

TT Retail has built a worldwide client base and served over 1000 retailers with our sales in retail solutions, software maintenance services and payment services.-Shopping malls-Retail chain across all sectors of industries...

Our solutions for

Chain Store



Chain Store Solution

Department Store Solution

Supermarket Solution

As the explosive growth of developments on online payments and eCommerce platforms over the past few years, online shopping has become a crucial part of the retail industries. Most businesses have been performing digital transformation to handle the large number of online transactions. Our solutions for chain stores are customised for their particular demands and achieving automation in the supply chain to effectively minimize the efforts and human resources...

As a department store chain operating large-scale businesses over cities and selling uncountable products, finding the best technology solutions for your department stores is inevitably important. It should help your stores to maintain effective cash flow, financial and stock management in multiple stores and have a robust billing system to ensure the checkout is fast and smooth. Returning customers across several store locations could also make the business management difficult...

Modern supermarkets comprise several food departments and food court. Transactions from different sections of the supermarket would be difficult to manage if it is not optimised. In some areas, namely the food court and seafood department, front-end POS system is desired to receive both cash and cashless payment directly without having to pay at the cashier area. TT Retail has designed several solutions specific for supermarkets and to support the operation of a modernised market...

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We provide online and offline payment services from QR code payments to other popular payment options with our partners.

Our Provided Payment Methods

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